Our Planet Friendly Materials

So you’re probably wondering how we’re able to make such planet-friendly fashion. Let us give you the low down.

Bamboo, baby!

It all starts with bamboo - one of the most sustainable and eco-conscious materials in the world. Our tops are 100% bamboo which means they need to be hand washed because they are delicate!


Able to be easily organically grown without artificial irrigation, it uses less water, land and pesticides than almost every other fabric we could have chosen. On top of that, bamboo plantations produce 30% more oxygen than an equivalent area of trees!

No scrubs

The benefits of bamboo don’t stop there though - the smoothness of its fibers make it super soft and non-irritating even on the most sensitive skin types.

Fit-women friendly

Bamboo really is a powerhouse material - it’s naturally antibacterial and antifungal with moisture wicking properties making it highly absorbent and able to wick water away from the body 3 to 4 times faster than cotton - perfect for the Everyday women who are on the move!

Luxury Look and Feel

If it wasn’t already sounding good enough, just wait till you feel the light and luxuriously soft fabric on your skin. With its thermoregulating qualities, it’s a dream to wear in all conditions.

Made by our neighbours

Made by locals in your favourite holiday destination, Bali, the locally sourced fabric is carefully constructed in a small local factory, meaning every purchase you make goes towards helping their economy grow.

Organic Cotton/Bamboo Mix

Some of our pieces (the gorgeous tee's in our Goddess Range) are a combination of both organic cottom and bamboo. Thicker and more durable, this machine washable fabric is ideal for winter, while also featuring our high quality eco dye, so it's still soft on your skin as well as the environment.

Regenerated Nylon

To tie it all together (quite literally!) our garments are constructed with 100% regenerated nylon made of recycled fishing nets that have been reclaimed from the ocean.

Saving the Sea

Abandoned fishing nets - also known as 'ghost nets' - are a major problem for our oceans. Taking up to 600 years to decompose they are responsible for the death of hundreds of thousands of marine animals every year. By reclaiming these nets we’re saving dolphins, whales, seals and sea turtles from this horrible fate!

Durable and Strong

Not only is this a super sustainable material for us to use, it has the added benefit of being highly durable and strong, making it a great addition to our already amazing product.

Regenerating material

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